Case Evidence


Former location & site of this investigation was at:
2999 S. Delaware Avenue, Bay View, WI

Since our investigation in August of 2013, the business has moved to a new location in Bay View. It is now called:
Sweeney Todd Salon Group
2625 S. Greeley, Bay View, WI

Site of the investigation.
Photograph taken with a full spectrum camera.

Brief history of the property.

Building history containing address for investigation site of 2999 S. Delaware Avenue, Bay View, WI

Our group did some research on this property to find out what businesses occupied this same location in the past. We were able to find that the building itself was built by at least 1935, though we believe it to be somewhat older than that. It contained three storefronts and had a few apartments which were located above on the second floor.

The first records we found showed that all three storefronts were vacant in 1935. The first tenants in the apartments above were Ludwig Skagen and Mrs. Millie Tanger. Mrs. Tanger was a tenant at this property until 1958.

Of course the storefront that we're most interested in was 2999 S. Delaware Avenue. The Sweeney Todd Salon had occupied the storefront from 2005 until August of 2013 when they relocated their business. But there business location had many different lives over the years.

In 1936, the site was first a drug store owned by Alvin C. Schroeder. He remained there until at least 1940. (We didn't check the records for every year the building existed due to time constraints). By 1942, it had become vacant again. (An interesting note, in the storefront of 2995 it was a Selective Service Board, Local no. 27 during WWII from 1942-1945).

By 1947, it became a restaurant called, "Vince & Irene's Restaurant." The location would remain a restaurant until 1965 though it changed hands many times but always remained a restaurant. (Some of those named restaurants were Ray Clarence Restaurant, Gene Augustine Restaurant, Ann's Dinette Restaurant and Lane's Restaurant).

From 1966 - 1970, the storefront was vacant. But that changed in 1971 when Ralph L. Schilling - Service & Repair opened up. He was in business through 1974 when he left or closed and then the storefront went vacant again.

It changed for good in 1976 when it became occupied by Fashion Isle Beauty Salon owned by Joan Welch. The Fashion Isle Beauty Salon remained there through 2004. In 2005, Sweeney Todd Salon opened until they left in August of 2013.

We were also told of a fire in the basement that happened perhaps sometime in the 1950's. Upon investigating the basement there were several burnt rafter beams visible there. We do have a huge list of names of former tenants that lived in the apartments above but those were only needed for the investigation as we chose not to list them here. We use these names during our investigations in case one of the former tenants might be a lingering spirit in the building that we could communicate with. You just never know...

Some things to take note of before listening to our evidence findings.

Our group, Brew City Paranormal has a strict policy of not whispering on investigations. If a member makes some kind of noise or hears another noise that they know what the sound is, they tag it in the audio. This helps during the review process to eliminate any possibilities that it is our voices being heard or that of a potential spirit voice.

EVP – Electronic Voice Phenomenon; It's the process of capturing a voice on our digital or video recorders relating to questions we ask and getting a response that we can't hear with our human ears at the time it is recorded. And sometimes, these spirit voices say things that don’t relate to anything that is being said in our conversations as well. Such as the case in one of our evp's below.

Listen with head phones for the best results.

All evp’s are subjective and you may form your own opinions on what is being said. But it is our belief that we put forth here to what we feel is being said.

Also note: The SB7 Spirit Box is a great compact tool for attempting communication with paranormal entities. It uses both AM and FM radio frequency sweeps to generate white noise which theories suggest give some entities the energy they need to be heard. When this occurs you will sometimes hear voices or sounds coming through the static in an attempt to communicate. The static sound you hear during some of these recordings is from a device we use called the SB-7 Spirit Box. A modified radio device that scans the radio frequencies at a high rate of speed for what we believe to be spirit voices. In theory spirits can speak through the radio waves in the electromagnetic spectrum. So if a spirit voice does come through, it is virtually impossible for it to be a voice coming from a radio station as it sweeps by. Dozens of radio stations frequencies are past by in a matter of a few seconds.

Please note: All EVP spirit voices that are captured are not heard by any of the members of the team at the time they are recorded unless otherwise noted. Spirit Box session voices can be heard at the time of recording.

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