Case Evidence
Pabst Brewery -
Fundraising Event
Milwaukee, WI.
Brew City Paranormal was part of an event called, "Horror O Rama," in Milwaukee, WI. The event was held at the famed Pabst Brewery complex which also houses the Best Place Pub. As part of the event, we put on a mini investigation that lasted 2 hours. We had access to a couple of areas of the Brewery which also included the administration offices for the Brewery. Frederick Pabst had his office in this area and it was still well preserved too if I say so myself! We set up this investigation as a fundraising event. Anyone who wanted to join us on the investigation, paid $15.00 with all money going to Autism Speaks. It was a great success! Thanks to all who joined us this evening.
Pabst Best Place Pub and Brewery Complex

Brief history of the property.

The Pabst Brewing Company was the first of the great Milwaukee brewers. Quality, pride, tradition, and hops were the ingredients in the legacy left by German immigrant Jacob Best Sr., who established the brewery in 1844. Under the guidance of his son Phillip Best, and Phillip’s son-in-law, Captain Frederick Pabst, a small local producer became America’s largest brewer from the late 1800s until 1946. With the closing of the brewery in 1996 came the opening of opportunity. After many years of blood, sweat, and beers, the “Best use,” of these buildings has fermented into Best Place at the historic Pabst Brewery taking its name from the founders, Jacob Best and Phillip Best and its spirit from the Captain, Frederick Pabst. After the Pabst Brewery closed in Milwaukee in December 1996, it sat empty until 2001. It was at that time that Jim Haertel received his accepted offer to purchase the Pabst Brewery on September 11, 2001. Great care has been taken to ensure that Blue Ribbon Hall, The Great Hall, Captain’s Courtyard, Guest Center, King’s Courtyard, and the original Gift Shop have all been restored to their original glory. The administration offices are restored as well.

--Information courtesy of the Best Place Pub, Milwaukee, WI.


During the investigation we used the following pieces of equipment:
(2) voice recorders
(1) SB-7 Spirit Box with speaker
(1) Mel Meters
(1) full spectrum still camera

(1) REM Pod
(1) Digital Still Camera

In the interest of time, we didn't bring our full equipment load that would normally have been brought to an investigation. We had limited time to get everyone together and set things up.

Please listen with head phones for the best results.

All evp’s are subjective and you may form your own opinions on what is being said. But it is our belief that we put forth here to what we feel is being said.

Also note: The SB7 Spirit Box is a great compact tool for attempting communication with paranormal entities. It uses both AM and FM radio frequency sweeps to generate white noise which theories suggest give some entities the energy they need to be heard. When this occurs you will sometimes hear voices or sounds coming through the static in an attempt to communicate. The static sound you hear during some of these recordings is from a device we use called the SB-7 Spirit Box. A modified radio device that scans the radio frequencies at a high rate of speed for what we believe to be spirit voices. In theory spirits can speak through the radio waves in the electromagnetic spectrum. So if a spirit voice does come through, it is virtually impossible for it to be a voice coming from a radio station as it sweeps by. Dozens of radio stations frequencies are past by in a matter of a few seconds

*****In regards that this was a public event we were holding, we asked everyone in attendance to please abide by some simple rules. When we did a SB7 Spirit Box session or an EVP session, no one was allowed to talk unless they raised their hand to speak. We did this so people wouldn't be talking over each other. Also, we asked during these sessions that people not walk around so as to keep noise contamination to a minimum.*****


Audio Evidence

Location: Frederick Pabst Office - SB7 Spirit Box Session

BCP member Andee asks, “Whose office was this?” At about 3 seconds, a female spirit says, “Pabst.” It was followed by a male spirit saying, “Pabst.”


Location: Vault - EVP Session

BCP Founder Charles asks, “I really don’t remember the name of this city that I’m in here right now. Can you tell me the name of this city? At 5 seconds, we get a clear EVP of a male spirit saying, “I can.” We ask these questions to try and get a response from a spirit.


Location: Administration Offices - SB7 Spirit Box Session

Charles asks, “What year is it?” At about 2 seconds a spirit voice says, “13.” It is followed by another spirit voice saying, “No 14,” at around 4 seconds. We can only assume they might be referring to the year which is 2014.


Location: Administration Offices - EVP Session

During this EVP session, you can clearly hear 2 footsteps and then a very faint 3rd one at the beginning of the clip. BCP members Charles and Beth both comment on hearing footsteps and then Charles tags the audio file. This is significant because everyone that was present was standing still.