Meet the Team

Charles Bruss
Founder / Medium


Charles has been interested in the paranormal since he was a small child. Over the years, he has continued to experience things that are paranormal in nature. He seeks to find what sometimes is seen and heard but not always understood. A driving force for Charles is the greater understanding of what may lie on the other side once we pass from this existence to the next. Are we still able to communicate with our friends and loved ones once we die? Charles’ search for this proof of the afterlife is unyielding.


Brad Hagen
Brad has been interested in the paranormal for more than 20 years. He had a personal experience with a full-bodied apparition when he was very young. Brad is also an avid reader of paranormal literature. He is searching for the truth of an after-life and solid proof in the existence of paranormal phenomena.

Beth Ann Bruss
Investigator /
Tech Specialist

Beth grew up in an old school house across the street from a cemetery. Throughout her childhood she was faced with many paranormal experiences. A lot of the time she was scared inside her own home. By joining this group she hopes to face her fears and help others make sense of what is happening around them.

Andee Wollschlager
Investigator /

Andee has had many experiences since she was about 8 years old and it started when her family owned a Victorian home that was built in the 1800's. It continued in another family home when she saw a full blown, in color apparition and never told anyone. A few months later, she found out a friend of hers experienced something in Andee's home as well. They wrote down everything and then compared notes. This was her first real validation. She is still having many personal unexplained events as an adult. She is looking to help people and be a confidant in their time of need. Andee understands and has been scared and alone too. She is also looking to learn how to debunk, and help explain noises and other things that may not necessarily be paranormal.