This is a list of the equipment we currently have at our disposal. Some items we have more than one of for bigger locations.
Audio Devices


Digital Recorder - Olympus VN-4100PC

  Digital Recorder - Olympus WS-801
P-SB7 Spirit Box
  Ovilus X
  Digital Text Display for Ovilius X
  Altec Lansing Speaker (iM-207)
  Altec Lansing Speaker (iM-237)
Electromagnetic Field Devices
  Mel 8704R Meter
  KII Meter
  Cell Sensor EMF Detector
  EM Pump
  Plasma Globe
Video Cameras & Accessories

Lorex LH110 Wireless camera system ECO series
with 4 Cameras

  Veho Kuzo - VCC-008-KUZO - Full Spectrum HD Camcorder
  Sony Handycam CCD-TRV68 with Night Vision
  Sony Handycam HDD (DCR-SR42)
  12 V IR Illuminator Model # YY-IR100
  Full Spectrum Phantom IR Illuminator (FSX)
  Phantom IR Illuminator
Digital Still Cameras
  Olympus D-565
  Fuji Film Finepix S2980 Full Spectrum Digital Camera
  Model U840IR Trap Cam
  Laser Grid Pen
  Midland Walkie Talkies
  Mini Maglite
  Driveway Patrol Motion Detector (0790X)
  Dousing Rods