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What to expect from the Brew City Paranormal interview process.
Initial contact - Phone call or email to your home or business.
Phone Interview - We will have a list of questions that will give us some discussion points so that we can better understand the nature of your claims.
Second interview preformed at your home or business - This interview will include one or more Brew City Paranormal team members. We will bring some equipment to your home or business and do a walk through to get a baseline reading and see if we can capture some activity to support your claims. This will help us determine if a full investigation will need to be performed. We will ask that you sign a confidentiality agreement at this time. This will help us determine what evidence we will be able to share on our web site.
What to expect from a Brew City Paranormal investigation.
If an investigation is deemed necessary we will schedule a time that is convenient for you. Investigations are done at no charge.
Investigation - We will bring the team members and equipment that we feel are necessary to help capture possible evidence that will support your claims. Please note that there are no guarantees that we will be able to obtain evidence.
What to expect from the Brew City Paranormal evidence review process.
Once the investigation is complete, the team members will review all audio / video / and photographic data in search of potential evidence.
All of our findings will be gathered and presented to you. A DVD will be provided with any evidence that was captured.
**** Brew City Paranormal reserves the right to accept or deny any investigation request for any reason.