Case Evidence
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Video Evidence

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Location: House next to the Haunted House Complex

BCP Founder Charles and member Andee are alone in the small house getting the room set up for the evening investigation. Here you will see Charles and Andee going over where all the equipment is located in the small house and the main building next door. We are using a phone app to make a list of all the equipment locations. At about 4 seconds, you can hear a female spirit ask, “What are you drawing?” Perhaps that is what it appears like to the spirit. Like we are drawing something using the phone. But of course we can only speculate.


Location: House next to the Haunted House Complex

During this SB7 Spirit Box session, Andee asks, “Rita, what color is your wallpaper?” At about 6 seconds a female spirit says, “It’s green.” At around 12 seconds, a male spirit chimes in and says, “More teal.” What sounds like the same male spirit voice replies at 16 seconds but much more pronounced saying again, “More teal.”


Location: House next to the Haunted House Complex

Charles and Andee are doing another SB7 Spirit Box session. You can see us faintly in the background. Right in front of us is a motion detector that will go off if something crosses the infrared beam causing the alarm unit just to the right of it to go off. Both units will light up with an alarm when it’s triggered. At around 3 seconds, you will notice the motion detector go off as well as the alarm unit that sounds like…ding dong, ding dong, ding dong. As you can see, there is nothing going by the motion detector to set it off. At least nothing we can see. The motion detector was working properly with fresh batteries.


In the following 2 clips, you hear the ringing of a bell. It happened twice during the course of the investigation. Only two of our investigators are in the building at anyone time. Nobody heard the bell nor were they near the area of the casket room when these incidents occurred. (That's been confirmed through the video evidence review). It isn't coming from any of our investigators either as our cell phones are turned off during investigations. Each time it only rang this single time, not repeatedly like you would expect from a phone. According to the owner, it isn't any of his phones on the premises and he doesn't recognize the sounds to anything there.

Remember that this room is filled with actual coffins that were used at funeral homes to place the deceased in for viewing during funerals. One theory suggests that it could be what is known as a death bell. Back in the 18th and 19th centuries, people were afraid of being buried alive. So to help eliminate this potential problem, the corpse would have a string attached to the hand. The string would come up out of the coffin and go to the surface through a tube once the coffin was buried. An attendant would sit by the grave for a couple of days afterwards to make sure the bell didn't go off. This is were the term, "Graveyard shift," came from. If someone woke up from a coma or other ailment that had them unconscious for an extended period of time where everyone thought they were dead, the person could yank on the string and get the bell to ring. This would of course alert the attendant that they were buried alive. Since the late 1800's when embalming became more widely used, the death bell was ultimately forgotten. But these coffins don't date back that far. So what could it be? Please check out both clips and let us know what you think it might be.


Location: Casket Room

Ringing bell clip #1.


Location: Casket Room

Ringing bell clip #2.

Here is the second clip of the bell ringing. Slightly different than the first bell video. We do not know where this came from or what it is really. We can only speculate. If it is paranormal in nature, then we believe it to be residual energy. Since we don't know what these ringing bells might be, we are open to discussion on these. Please contact us with your thoughts on this.