Case Evidence
Current business on the site...
Small house just to the north of the main building - John and Rita Vance's former homestead.
Main building that was once an auto repair garage, then converted into Vance's Bar for over 30 years. Now an annual Halloween attraction.

For a brief history of the property, please click on the history link. It will take you to the first investigation of this property that we did on June 14, 2013.

Some things to take note of before listening or viewing our evidence findings.

Our group, Brew City Paranormal has a strict policy of not whispering on investigations. If a member makes some kind of noise or hears another noise that they know what the sound is, they tag it in the audio. This helps during the review process to eliminate any possibilities that it is our voices being heard or that of a potential spirit voice.

EVP – Electronic Voice Phenomenon; It's the process of capturing a voice on our digital or video recorders relating to questions we ask and getting a response that we can't hear with our human ears at the time it is recorded. And sometimes, these spirit voices say things that don’t relate to anything that is being said in our conversations as well. Such as the case in one of our evp's below.

Listen with head phones for the best results.

All evp’s are subjective and you may form your own opinions on what is being said. But it is our belief that we put forth here to what we feel is being said.

Also note: The SB7 Spirit Box is a great compact tool for attempting communication with paranormal entities. It uses both AM and FM radio frequency sweeps to generate white noise which theories suggest give some entities the energy they need to be heard. When this occurs you will sometimes hear voices or sounds coming through the static in an attempt to communicate. The radio is designed to scan through radio stations at a very high rate of speed. So if a spirit voice does come through, it is virtually impossible for it to be a voice coming from a radio station as it sweeps by. Dozens of radio stations frequencies are past by in a matter of a few seconds.

Please note: All EVP spirit voices that are captured are not heard by any of the members of the team at the time they are recorded unless otherwise noted.

Please click on a link to view or hear the evidence that we caught with our equipment!