Case Evidence
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Photographic Evidence

On the night of the investigation, (June 14, 2013), BCP Co-founder Brad and member Beth were in the Vortex Room of the Haunted House attraction. While conducting an evp session, Beth grabbed her digital camera and took a picture behind her and then another one in front of her. These two pictures are the result of that experience. (Photos 1 & 2). The one in front of her in photo 2 seemed to show a shadow person standing in the doorway at the time. This wasn't noticed until our evidence review.

When we went back a few weeks later for our evidence reveal to our client, we took 10 photos of the doorway in the Vortex room, (which has vinyl dividers hanging down to separate the room behind it), to confirm or debunk the shadow person photo. All 10 of the photos clearly showed the reflection of the camera's flash on each vinyl divider and no "shadow person," in the photos. Two of these photos can be seen below in Photo's 3 and 4. With that being said, we went ahead and told the client that with all of our analysis of Photo 2 and the subsequent follow up that night, we had declared that the shadow person photo to be genuine to the best of our knowledge.

Upon our return on August 9, 2013 for a re-investigation of the property, we felt that we needed to do one more test of the Vortex Room and the hanging vinyl dividers. We had a nagging suspicion about how the photo was taken as well as the follow up photos that were ultimately used to validate the shadow person photo. We wanted to once and for all rule out any other possibilities that the shadow person photo might not be a genuine photo after all. Since we consider ourselves a legitimate professional group with a great reputation, we began another round of testing photos. Please see our FINAL analysis of this photo and the final test photos we took to determine that the shadow person photo was actually NOT real - and finally debunked!! We have decided to leave up all of our previous descriptions and analysis of the photo to show you our thought process in how we originally determined the shadow person photo to be real. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us for any further clarification that we can provide. We feel that it's important to be truthful with everything we do and that our reputation is at stake.



Photo 1


Photo 2

Photo 1: In this photo you will notice the vinyl dividers hanging down in the doorway. They are used to separate the rooms so that you can’t see what’s coming in the next room. Please note the reflective white flash glare on each of the vinyl dividers. Because of this, you can clearly make out each individual divider.

Photo 2: In this photo, you can see BCP Co-founder Brad’s backpack that he was still wearing at the time the photo was taken. Please notice in the doorway of the picture what appears to be a shadow of something standing there. You can see a clear outline of the black humanoid shape. In this field, we refer these types of shadows as “shadow people.” See definition in our glossary… Also see our photo analysis of this picture below.


Photo 3


Photo 4

Photo’s 3 and 4: Upon our evidence review of Photo 2, we had to go back to the actual room and take more photographs to debunk or possibly prove what was caught on film that night. We took 10 photographs in this room and all the photos showed pretty much the same things. No shadow person was seen in any of these photos. The reflective white flash glare from our camera clearly shown on ALL of the vinyl dividers. Even the dividers that are clearly blocked out by the shadow in photo 2.
Our (original) analysis of Photo 2...

When we analyzed this photo, we looked at a few things. First of all, you can clearly see some form of a humanoid shape standing there. So at first it was suggested that it's a shadow created by Brad's backpack somehow. But that can't be possible. Most of the glare from the flash and with the angle at which the flash would hit the backpack, it would bounce mostly in an upward direction. And if you look at the angle of the top edge of the backpack, it's at about 45° which would suggest that if it were to cast a shadow, it would be at the same angle as the backpack. The shadow is standing upright, not at 45°.

Next you notice that the vinyl dividers hanging down are only reflecting the flash of the camera on the 2 right dividers, and part of the upper divider near the top next to the ones on the right. And the divider on the far left is reflecting light as well. The rest of them seem to be blocked out by something that is just solid enough and black enough to not reflect the cameras flash back at you. BUT if you look closely, you can see the edge of a divider that is going THROUGH the shadow from the floor and follow it all the way to the top where it's hung from. And with how these dividers are, there in no way anything that is behind the vinyl dividers could be seen through the dividers. That's been checked out by standing behind them and photographing them from both sides.

Now to the best part. If you look at the shadow, you can clearly see that it is BEHIND the railing in the picture! If it were a shadow from Brad's backpack or Brad himself, it would cast a shadow on at least part of the railing and be very noticeable. But there is no shadow on the railing. In fact, all aspects of the railing that are visible and facing the camera have a reflection of the flash from the camera on them as well. Right where you would expect a flash to be if nothing was in front of them.

It is our opinion that this is a genuine photograph of a shadow person. It is very rare to catch anything like this in a picture, whether it is a shadow person or some form of an apparition. We consider ourselves very lucky in this respect. Thank you!





These final 12 photographs were taken upon our re-investigation of the property on August 9, 2013. We started thinking of a possibility that what if the hanging vinyl dividers weren't hanging straight down every time someone walked through them? From the previous investigation and the photo test on the night of the evidence reveal, all the hanging dividers apparently were hanging evenly. This is evident from the even flash across each divider that was there. What if they just didn't fall back into place evenly every time? So we set out to test that theory and discover the truth once and for all...


Photo 1a.


Photo 1b.


Photo 1c.


Photo 1a. This is the first photo taken with BCP Co-founder Brad holding up fingers representing photo test set #1. Notice he is standing in "front," of the hanging vinyl dividers.

Photo 1b. After Brad walked through the vinyl dividers to the other side opposite of BCP member Beth, he waited until she took the picture. With the photo taken, note how the dividers didn't fall straight back into place. They are now uneven. When the photo was taken, the flash was evenly distributed across the dividers. The uneven parts were concave and thus appeared to form the "shadow."

Photo 1c. This photo was then taken after Brad walked back through the vinyl dividers and stood behind Beth while she took another photo. In this photo, the dividers seemed to be hanging evenly.


Photo 2a.
Photo 2b.
Photo 2c.

Photo 2a. This is the forth photo taken with BCP Co-founder Brad holding up fingers representing photo test set #2.

Photo 2b. As is in photo 1b, with Brad behind the hanging vinyl dividers, the "shadow" is formed again from the dividers not hanging straight down and uneven.

Photo 2c. With Brad having walked back through the dividers and now standing behind Beth, the dividers again seem to be hanging straight.


Photo 3a.
Photo 3b.
Photo 3c.

Photo 3a. This is the seventh photo taken with BCP Co-founder Brad holding up fingers representing photo test set #3.

Photo 3b. As is in photo 2b, with Brad behind the hanging vinyl dividers, this photo happens to be opposite of Photo 1b and 2b in that the dividers seem to be hanging straight this time after Brad had gone through. Notice the flash has illuminated each of the hanging vinyl dividers and no "shadow" was present in the photo.

Photo 3c. In this photo, Brad has gone back through the dividers and is again behind Beth as she took the photo. The hanging dividers did not come back together evenly and left the impression that a shadow was standing there.


Photo 4a.
Photo 4b.
Photo 4c.

Photo 4a. This is the tenth photo of 12 taken with BCP Co-founder Brad holding up fingers representing the final photo test set #4.

Photo 4b. During this photo, we are back to having the "shadow," showing with Brad behind the hanging vinyl dividers. The uneven parts were concave and thus appeared to again form the "shadow."

Photo 4c. In this last photograph, Brad has come back through one last time and is behind Beth while she clicks off the final shot.

Our final analysis of the "shadow person," photo...

After much trial and error, we are confident that we have debunked the original shadow person photo and declare it to be a trick of lighting on an uneven surface. We want it to be know that we as a group try to exhaust all possibilities in declaring any evidence to be factual and genuine. Thank you!